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Closet Organization for Teens

By November 10, 2022January 30th, 2024Closets, Home Organization

Your teenager’s bedroom is probably chaotic. Clothes and shoes likely engulf the floor, dirty dishes cover the nightstand, the bed remains unmade, and the closet is highly disorganized. Although organizing their belongings may seem impossible, you can reduce clutter and ensure every item has a home with NewSpaceⓇ!

Reducing Clutter

The first step to organizing your teen’s room is reducing clutter. At NewSpaceⓇ, our professional organization services follow the S.P.A.C.E. method when helping customers:

  1. Sort items
  2. Purge
  3. Assign a home
  4. Containerize
  5. Equalize

1. Sort Items

When sorting your teen’s belongings, group similar items together to create categories. Separate each item category to distinguish between them clearly. Potential groupings could include:

  • Childhood books
  • Toys
  • Winter hats and scarves
  • Accessories
  • Jeans
  • Summer tops
  • Sports bags

2. Purge

Once you categorize your child’s items, go through each group and help them decide what they can donate or throw away. Ask your teen whether something is still useful to make the process a bit easier for them.

3. Assign a Home

Assigning a home is where we come in – our expert team of designers, manufacturers, and installers will assess your child’s closet space and create a custom organizational system. Once we complete and install, the fun part begins! Our professional designer will help you place items where they make the most sense.

4. Containerize

Storage containers are handy for out-of-season or unused items. Once you and your teen determine the essential belongings, labeling and containerizing are a breeze.

5. Equalize

Getting your teen’s closet organized is only half the battle. The other half is helping them stay organized with their custom solution. We’ll help them establish routines to maintain the organization system and keep clutter away for good.

Teenage Closet Organization Ideas

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution regarding closet organization. Instead, we at NewSpaceⓇ abide by the “One Size Misfits All” concept. Therefore, you can rest assured that the exceptional customer service and organization system you receive are catered to your needs. Customers across the St. Louis area trust our experts to maximize their space and make it work for them.

Walk-In Closets

Walk-in closets have great organization potential, thanks to their larger blueprint. Many features and accessories can make your teen’s walk-in even better, whether they view it as a dressing room, storage area, or refuge.

Walk-in closet with extensive shelving surrounding a purse display case
Reach in Closet

Reach-In Closets

Although reach-in closets have limited space, a custom solution means your child can access vertical and horizontal storage. Adjustable shelving and other features can acclimate as their needs grow and change rapidly. 

Wardrobe Closets

In addition to their aesthetic appeal, wardrobe closets are perfect for teens with an expansive garment selection. Choose a material and finish that best matches their room’s design, and take advantage of a wardrobe closet’s ability to store heavy items like winter coats.

Large Armoire Open

Features & Accessories

It’s easy for teens to stay organized with custom-built features and accessories catered to their needs. The following additions can reduce clutter and ensure every item has a home, whether your teen has a walk-in or wardrobe closet:

  • Jewelry inserts to protect their ever-growing selection of accessories
  • Shelves & wire baskets to store sweatshirts, t-shirts, hats, and more
  • Pull-out hanging poles to display tomorrow’s school outfit
  • Lucite storage boxes for out-of-season items
  • Tilt-out laundry baskets that keep dirty clothing off the floor
  • Pull-out laundry hampers that ensure every dirty item makes it to the wash
  • Pull-down hanging racks to better view a selection of like items
  • Angled mirror doors for the walk-in closet/dressing room combination
  • Glass door inserts that allow you to view the items within

Get Started With Custom Closet Organization for Teens Today

NewSpaceⓇ Home Organization was the first company to offer custom closet solutions in St. Louis. We create custom organization systems for customers of all ages. We’ll assess your current situation, design a custom rendering, manufacture your solution in-house, install it, and help you place your items. Our process makes it easy for teens to reduce their clutter!

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