Looking for ways to get more organized?

Is your home or office overrun with clutter? Do you feel as though you don’t have enough time to get everything done? Is getting organized a dream of yours, but you don’t know where to start? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’re in the right place – NewSpace® Home Organization is here to help. We take pride in our unique professional organization services for individuals, families, and businesses.


Mary Ann Mueth

Mary Ann Mueth has a lifelong passion to organize, and loves helping others organize their time and space more effectively. She is a Golden Circle member of NAPO, the National Association of Professional Organizers – and has been a professional organizer for more than 14 years.

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Put simply, organization is the act of knowing what you have and being able to quickly locate every item in your possession. Although specific methods of organizing differ from one to the next, the right strategy reduces stress and ultimately saves you time and money. No longer will you feel overwhelmed by the amount of clutter in your home or office space – a plan tailored to your needs allows you to increase efficiency. Whether it be through a custom closet, storage bins, or filing cabinets, becoming organized is easier than ever with NewSpace®.

When you choose NewSpace® for your organizational needs, you’ll receive top-of-the-line customer service during every stage of your project. First, we’ll conduct an initial assessment, where we will discuss your goals and needs. After listening, taking notes, and asking appropriate questions, we’ll create an individualized strategy to help you get organized and stay organized. Whether you would rather implement the plan yourself or seek our assistance hands-on, we’re here to help.

Once your organization plan is determined, we implement the S.P.A.C.E. method:

Sort Items

In the beginning stage, we group similar items together. For instance, if we are assisting you in organizing your closet, we would work together to group all shoes, nice shirts, and jeans in their respective categories to prepare for installation.


After the initial groupings are complete, it’s time to dispose of items that are no longer useful to you. At NewSpace®, we offer recycling and donation services for your unwanted items to make the process easier.

Assign a Home

This is the fun part! Approximately 1-2 days after your organizational system is installed by our professionals, it’s time to find an appropriate home for each item you have. We’ll refer back to our original strategy and place items where they make the most sense.


Now that everything has a home, we take your strategy a step further and assign the categories of items to their own storage containers. It’s helpful to label each bin, especially if some are in hard-to-reach places.


Once all items have a home and are placed in their separate containers, we assist you with evaluating and maintaining your system. We’ll provide tips for staying organized and how to get the most out of your new arrangement. If something isn’t working, we’ll adjust the plan to ensure you’re satisfied.

It’s our goal at NewSpace® to create organized solutions for our clients that make life easier. Since 1984, we’ve helped clients gain control over the clutter in their homes and businesses. When you choose our team of nearly 45 organization specialists, your best interests will always be at the forefront. We work with you every step of the way, from initial design to installation. Our work doesn’t end there, however; we’re always here to assist, whether you have a new project in mind or simply just have a question. Let’s work together to clear out the clutter and regain control of your space! Book your complimentary consultation today.

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