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Top Tips for Hybrid Working

By November 23, 2022January 30th, 2024Custom Furniture, Home Organization

Although a hybrid work schedule offers the flexibility numerous employees desire, it can be stressful. Maximizing productivity in two separate locations is a struggle – not to mention the difficulties of maintaining a work-life balance. Plus, going into the office a few days each week can leave you wondering if investing in a functional home workspace is needed.

Here are some top tips for hybrid working to help you boost productivity and stay organized:

  1. Set a consistent work schedule
  2. Implement time blocks to manage your days
  3. Create a functional home office
  4. Establish healthy boundaries
  5. Stay connected with coworkers

1. Set a Consistent Work Schedule

An excellent way to maximize your productivity is to create a consistent schedule for both work days – home and office. Hybrid workers frequently stick to a routine on office workdays: setting the alarm for a specific time, packing a lunch, commuting, and more. However, implementing a schedule for remote work days is just as important.

Working from home gives you the flexibility to manage your time, but you must remain disciplined. Adding structure to your day boosts work performance and makes it easier to retain the work-life balance. For instance, keeping the same start and finish times allows you to differentiate between work and home.

2. Implement Time Blocks to Manage Your Days

Time management is vital to the hybrid working model. Create time blocks on your calendar to focus on specific tasks if you’re able. For example, focus on deep work at home and more collaborative tasks or meetings at the office. It helps you achieve the right mindset each morning.

Additionally, indicate your working locations on the calendar to keep coworkers informed. Doing so lets them know where you plan to work and gives them guidance on when to schedule in-person meetings. Therefore, you can maximize the time you have at each location.

3. Create a Functional Home Office

Since hybrid schedules require work in the office building, many believe a proper home workspace isn’t needed. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The transition from office to home is challenging enough – not having a dedicated space for remote work adds unnecessary stress.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated room available for a home office, you must separate your workspace from your living space. Otherwise, you’ll quickly become distracted and may find yourself working longer hours due to unknowingly creating a fluid work and living environment.

Keep the following tips in mind when creating a functional home office:

  • Identify a quiet, well-lit area in your home
  • Invest in quality furniture
  • Ensure proper lighting
  • Implement organization
  • Replicate your office workspace
Home office with white custom cabinetry

– Identify a Quiet, Well-Lit Area in Your Home

Spare bedrooms are excellent options, as they separate you from the rest of the house. Plus, you can maximize the space with a quality Murphy bed. Other areas, like a spare closet, an empty corner, or an under-the-stairs nook, can also work. If you have to place your working space in an open area, such as the family room or basement, be sure to separate it from the couch and television.

– Invest in Quality Furniture

Choose a desk that benefits your work style and the available space. Select an ergonomic chair to maintain good posture. Consider adding lounge chairs for brainstorming sessions if the room allows.

– Ensure Proper Lighting

A dark workspace not only makes you tired but can strain your eyes. Add a blue-light computer screen, and you’re doing your vision a disservice. Incorporating desk or floor lamps and an LED light strip will brighten the area.

– Implement Organization

Clutter makes a small space seem even smaller. However, custom organization solutions like shelving, filing cabinets and ample drawers keep the clutter out of sight so you can focus on your tasks. Partnering with space management experts like NewSpace Home Organization helps you stay organized.

– Replicate Your Office Workspace

One way to help your brain stay in “work mode” is to replicate your office desk at home closely. For instance, if you keep essential supplies like pens and sticky notes in a left-hand drawer at work, place them there at home, too. This consistency and familiarity will help you focus on what’s important.

4. Establish Healthy Boundaries

Working from home makes it easy to slip into a habit of long hours with few breaks. Establish healthy boundaries – ensure you take an adequate lunch break and periodically stretch or walk around throughout the day. Taking time for yourself and creating a boundary between work and personal life will benefit you.

Further, your home hours don’t have to be the same as your office hours. If you’re more productive in the morning, start your day earlier. Conversely, if afternoons are best for you, plan your work around that time. Just ensure your hours stay relatively consistent.

Lastly, determine which tasks constitute “emergencies” and which could wait until tomorrow. Doing so helps you draw a line and prevent burnout. Most importantly, communicate your boundaries with coworkers and stick to them.

5. Stay Connected With Coworkers

Remote work takes away the usual banter and camaraderie in the office. Keep in touch with your coworkers using your company’s communication tools and arrange to visit the office on the same days. Connecting to your teammates makes the work more enjoyable and fills your social tank.

Maintain Balance With Our Top Tips for Hybrid Working

Your work schedule doesn’t have to be stressful – following our top tips for hybrid working can help you maintain balance. Plus, creating a functional, organized home office is easier than you might think with the help of the experts at NewSpace. We boast decades of experience in space management and can cater your office to your needs.

As a full-service partner, we help throughout your project, from initial design to installation. When you choose NewSpace, you receive a team that ensures your home office allows you to stay organized and productive. Book an appointment today to get started!

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