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By now you may have read what a wall bed is, what the process of getting a wall bed is like, and about some debunked wall bed myths our designers answer all of the time.

You might now be wondering how to make the wall bed—and the space it occupies—custom to your needs. We can make it happen!

At NewSpace®, we understand what our clients are looking for and often get requests about add-ons to projects, including wall beds. Yes, you can make your wall bed your own during the install process!

Check out some of the most common accessories our customers add to their new wall bed.

Types of Wall Bed Accessories

Wardrobe Cabinetry

Most people add a wall bed to their home to maximize space, so adding wardrobe cabinetry is a no brainer!

Use your new wardrobe cabinetry to store clothing, shoes, and accessories to keep your room clutter-free. Our cabinetry can keep your room looking sleek and modern like the rest of your home, or match it to a more traditional style to surprise your guests when they experience all your room has to offer.


Some nice overhead lighting or an LED strip can add a custom look to your wall bed setup or help guests see at night. And, just like your wall bed, the fixtures can be in a discrete location so they are out of the way when not in use.

When you choose a wall bed with NewSpace®, you can choose lightning options to fit your needs that are then installed at the time your wall bed is put into the room. No worrying about upgrades later—we can do it all at once.

Side Tables & Drawers

Having some nice accessories to help your guests store items close by, like a side table or drawers, can enhance the space and make it feel cozier.

With a number of finishes and decorative options to choose from, our designers can work with your style in mind for a custom look.

wall bed overhead lighting
wall bed accessories lighting

Pull-Out Tables

Speaking of cozy, why not add an accessory like a pull-out table that can easily be stored when not in use? You’ll love it and your guests will love it, too.

Roll-Out Shelves

Easily accessing items around your room can sometimes yield frustration. Rather than rely on old shelving that may stick or cause you to force drawers open, install roll-out shelves. You’ll be able to reach items easily and save yourself some stress in the process!

wall bed pullout table
wall bed side table


If a wall bed sounds appealing, custom accessories designed for your room should sound like the cherry on top. Contact our designers today for a free consultation.

contact us today about a wall bed solutioncontact us today about a wall bed solution