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There are upsides to living in a small space, but also challenges that come along with it, like trying to keep it organized! Whether you live in a studio apartment, a tiny house, or it just feels like you do, organizing is no simple task. It all starts with careful planning — with a few space-saving accessories from NewSpace® Home Organization, you get organized and STAY organized!

Here are some of the best accessories that can help you organize your small space:

Jewelry Inserts

If you don’t have enough space to dedicate to your jewelry collection, your pieces can become a tangled mess in no time. Jewelry inserts are built-in layered drawers that can help organize your jewelry while not taking up precious space in your closet or vanity.

jewelry inserts

Tie/Belt Rack

The addition of a pull-out rack for ties or belts will make getting dressed in the morning incredibly easier. No matter what size closet you have, you’ll be able to quickly see all of your options and get on the go in no time.

tie rack

Pull-out Laundry Hamper

Laundry is one of the most dreaded household chores but if you don’t keep up with it, your small space can quickly be overrun by clothes! Having a laundry hamper built into your closet or laundry room counter makes managing the mess of clothes easier and takes the work out of doing laundry.

pull out laundry basket

Custom Drawer Dividers

Long gone are the days of rifling through a cluttered drawer. Whether it is your closet, kitchen junk drawer, office desk, or garage work station, drawer dividers make storing an array of items simple.

drawer dividers

Pull-out Shelves

If you live in a smaller home, chances are it isn’t big enough for the dream kitchen you want, but you can still utilize the space with the right storage accessories. Pull-out shelves allow you to organize your pantry and other cabinets so you can easily reach exactly what you need.

pull out shelves

Custom Lazy Susan Shelf

What better way to utilize the sometimes awkward space of a corner than with a lazy Susan shelf? A spinning shelf lets you store more efficiently and helps you see, and more importantly, easily get to it all.

lazy suzan

Spice Rack Drawer

Foodies living with a small kitchen often don’t have the space to keep all of their favorite spices on hand. A simple solution is to tuck them away in a spice rack drawer. It gives you the space you need for everything you want while keeping them hidden in a compartment that would otherwise not be utilized.

spice rack

Sports Rack

Every sports lover who lives in a small space has dealt with trying to organize all of their equipment. With a wall-mounted rack, sports equipment from bats and balls to gloves and cleats are easily managed.

sports rack

St. Louis Space-Saving Accessories

Our organization accessories have helped countless clients organize their small spaces, and we can help you tame that clutter in your small space too! Our professional designers can create a custom organization solution that works for your home, book an appointment with a team member today!

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