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Transforming a 70’s Home into A Beautifully Organized Space

Client: The Morgan’s
Home: Town & Country, Missouri
Designer: Jenny Elfrink

Mudroom lockers with children in soccer jerseys sitting on the bench

Their Story:

The Morgan’s, of Town & Country, MO, have three very active children, twin – 10 year old boys and an 8 year old boy, and a dog named Tucker. For the past 10 years, they have lived in their 41 year-old home. As their young family continued to grow, they realized their home had some opportunities to improve its organization and the way they all lived in it. Each of the boy’s bedrooms had their own closet, but with just a pole and a shelf, things were piled up in the bottom of the closet – and the shelf was loaded with all sorts of things – many things out of reach for the young boys. Their laundry room, was more of a place to use the washer and dryer – and without much built-in storage, things were piled up wherever they could fit.

St Louis Laundry Room Organization before and after Mudroom lockers

Their Mission:

With the kids going in different directions – getting dressed and ready for any activity – school, sports practice or games – had become a real chore. Getting organized needed to start with their closets – designing a specific place to hang, fold, and store their clean laundry to more efficiently help them get dressed and out the door.

The family’s laundry room did not have dedicated spaces for the kid’s items, nor for the laundry and cleaning supplies. “Everything kept getting misplaced and the room was always a mess, she said. I needed each of us to have our own space when entering the home – to create a cubby space – and to make it easy for everyone to find their things when we left the house. I also wanted my laundry space to be more defined and not a random drop zone,” said the mom, Mikkel.

St Louis Laundry Room Organization before and after St Louis Laundry Room Organization

How NewSpace® Helped:

The family reached out to NewSpace and designer Jenny Elfrink to design and build custom closets for each of the boys, and to design a beautiful new laundry/mudroom with custom storage and an individual cubby for everyone in the house.

“Jenny was so easy to work with and she definitely helped bring my ideas to fruition. She helped incorporate some wonderful things in the laundry like pull-down drying racks and a drop-down folding table that I use on a regular basis, said Mikkel. Our boy’s NewSpace closets with drawers and shelves have really simplified the process for them to put away their clean laundry and to help them quickly find their clothes to get dressed.”

Laundry room white custom cabinetry
Mudroom newly updated by NewSpace
Mudroom lockers

Hey Mikkel: What’s your favorite NewSpace® feature in your new laundry/mudroom?

“By far and away – all of the storage. I have a spot for everything from extra paper towels, cleaning supplies, trash bags, flashlights, umbrellas – all in closed cabinets hidden from sight,” she exclaimed.

“As for my boys, and husband – they really like having their own cubby space to hide and store their personal things.” She admitted it took some “training” to get them to always put their stuff away, but now they know exactly where things are without having to ask Mom!

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