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How to Set Up the Perfect Home Office

By October 5, 2021January 30th, 2024Custom Furniture, Home Organization

Finding a place in your home to experience some peace and quiet during working hours is not easy. You’ve tried several places to work, including the kitchen, bedroom, patio, and basement, but there are distractions at every turn. It might seem as if you’re working harder at trying to find a place to complete your tasks than you are on the actual tasks. You need a more permanent solution that’s just for you.

If you can relate to the difficulties of working from home (WFH), NewSpace® Home Organization is here to help! Here are some tips and tricks for setting up your home office to keep you as productive as possible.

1. Choose a Home Office Location

Whether you’ve found yourself working remotely, needing a place to be organized and pay the bills, or simply desiring a quiet place to decompress after a long day, a home office is essential. If you have an extra room that’s collecting dust bunnies by the minute, that could be the perfect space to set up shop. But, what if all the rooms in your home are occupied? You don’t need to have an entire room with four walls and a door to be productive! 

Here are a few out-of-the-box home office suggestions:

  • A nook under the stairs
  • A spare closet
  • A corner workstation
  • An entryway or hallway alcove
  • An area in the kitchen
  • A stair landing or loft
  • The basement or attic
  • A converted garage
  • A shared guest room

2. Fill It with the Best Home Office Furniture

Once you find the right space for your home office, it’s time to decide what to put in it. Everyone has a different eye for style and interior design, but a few key components to each home office include a desk, comfortable chair, and ample storage.

There’s a reason we’ve been using desks since grade school — it’s where we get the work done! Therefore, it’s crucial to find one that best suits you and your needs. Whether you are looking for a traditional wooden desk with drawers, a more modern workstation with metal finishes, or an adjustable height desk, our home office experts can help ensure you’re happy.

Another equally important piece of home office furniture is the chair. Of course, comfort is key since you’ll be spending a lot of time in it! 

Here are a few things to ask yourself when choosing the perfect chair: 

  • Is it ergonomically correct?
  • Does it have adjustable heights, armrests, and seating positions?
  • Does it have wheels? If you’re moving back and forth to file cabinets you will want them!

If you’re hosting others in your home office, be sure to invest in seating for them that coordinates nicely with the other furniture. 

Organization not only makes your workday easier, but it also makes your home office look better. Remember that organization can take place both vertically or horizontally, so take advantage of what the room or nook has to offer! Whether you’re in the market for a filing cabinet, custom built-in bookshelves, or accessories like drawer organizers, our experts will help you find a solution that works for you.

3. Get the Necessary Home Office Equipment

It’s important to utilize equipment that helps you work smarter, not harder. It’s likely that if you’re working remotely, you’re using a computer, laptop, or tablet. Consider investing in a second monitor so that you aren’t toggling windows and losing track of important tasks. Desk or wall-mounted monitor stands with adjustable monitor arms provide you with exceptional flexibility so you can use your space to the fullest.

Webinars have taken the place of many in-person events. With that said, be sure you have a high-speed Internet connection. You don’t want to be writing notes just to be kicked off due to poor WiFi. Also, set up your router in the middle of your home and away from clutter. 

Finally, hide those cords with cord management systems! The last thing you want is to trip over them or spend hours trying to untangle them.

4. Make Your Home Office Homey

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your home office, it only makes sense to decorate it with some of your favorite things. You don’t have to deal with the typical grey or beige wall color that can be found in corporate offices. Paint the walls a color that you enjoy and don’t be afraid to be out of the ordinary — after all, it’s your space!

If you’re just as obsessed with office supplies as we are, then you’ll have no issue adding some personality to your space. Perhaps you can store your rose gold pens in a coffee mug, write on a notepad that features your favorite sports team, or toss your rejected ideas into a chic metal wastebasket.

Add some items that will inspire you, as well. Frame a picture of your family to remind yourself that you’re doing it all for them. Hang a map of the United States on the wall as motivation to save up for your next big trip. You’ll be happy you did. If you need some home office design inspiration, check out our Home Office Decor Ideas for a breakdown.

5. Don’t Forget the Light

Natural light is key! The brighter your office, the less likely you’ll have eye strain and headaches. Blue light glasses are helpful, but they can only help so much. If your home office doesn’t have a window, invest in ambient lighting. Install LED rope around your desk to ensure evenness, and purchase a high-quality desk or floor lamp. Additionally, be sure to position your monitor so there’s no glare.

How to Best Set Up Your Office for Zoom

WFH and video calls go together like peanut butter and jelly! When in calls, consider using earbuds that have a microphone. It’s much easier for the person on the other end to hear you compared to using your laptop’s built-in microphone.

Additionally, you’ll want to be facing a window or another source of light so they can see you clearly and to prevent any glares. Doing so will prevent distraction on both ends of the call. 

One of the most important tips for Zoom calls is to position your camera slightly above eye level. In this case, you won’t be looking down at the camera and it looks much more natural as if you are face-to-face in person. You can either find items around your house to raise your computer or utilize equipment such as monitor arms and laptop risers.

Create the Perfect Home Office with NewSpace® Home Organization!

Now that you’ve learned some tips and tricks for setting up the perfect home office, it’s time to get started on your own with NewSpace® Home Organization! No two people are the same, and our professionals can help create custom home office solutions that will be unique to you.

Book an appointment today to get started on the home office of your dreams!